Today, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) released the following statement on voting for the Motion to Vacate the Chair, removing Kevin McCarthy from his position as House Speaker:

“Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy has failed to lead his party and this body in a way that lives up to the founding ideals of our constitution and democracy. He brought about his own demise by caving to the most extreme members of his party again and again. It is not the responsibility of House Democrats to save his speakership.   

“Republican infighting has unfortunately become an incessant distraction from the important legislative work that the American people sent us to Washington to accomplish. House Democrats are unified and ready to work in a bipartisan way to create positive change for our constituents and our country. These unnecessary crises only cause chaos and confusion, and it’s the American people who ultimately pay the price. Time has clearly come for House Republicans to stop their endless infighting and work with Democrats to move our country forward.”