Tonight, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) released the following statement after attending President Biden’s State of the Union:

“Tonight, President Biden outlined a clear vision for America – a future in which democracy, freedom, and economic opportunity flourish. Under President Biden’s steady leadership, our country has seen an historic comeback. His policies have helped create millions of good-paying jobs, lowered skyrocketing health care costs, and offered more of our people a real shot at achieving the American Dream. There is more to be done to make sure economic opportunity is available to all of our people. We are only just beginning to see the once-in-a-generation progress made possible by President Biden’s agenda – from transformational investments in modern infrastructure and clean energy to policies that support our veterans and bolster American innovation.

“However, the President also made clear the challenges and choices that our nation faces. Across the country and the globe, freedom and democracy hang in the balance. At home, Republicans continue to attack women’s most fundamental rights and our access to basic reproductive health care. In Europe, Putin continues to wage a brutal war against Ukraine that threatens peace and security around the world. And yet Republicans refuse to send desperately needed aid to our allies and innocent civilians in harm’s way. 

“President Biden is right: we face two competing visions for the future of our country. Confronted by those who relentlessly seek to move our country backward, we must fight every single day for progress and possibility. We cannot back down and we must not stop working to defend our freedom and our democracy.”