Today, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) released the following statement on the inclusion of relief for Documented Dreamers in the national security supplemental package:

“I am grateful that negotiators heeded my calls and incorporated my legislation that would offer urgently needed protections for Documented Dreamers in this bipartisan national security package. The children of work visa holders who move to the United States with full documentation, these talented young people attend our schools, learn alongside our children, and make important contributions to communities in North Carolina and across the country. However, when they turn 21, they age out of their dependent visas and often face deportation. This commonsense provision would fix one of the many injustices in our broken immigration system – allowing Documented Dreamers to remain in the United States while they await green cards.

“I will continue reviewing the text to determine if this package is the necessary step forward to build a humane, functional immigration system.”

Congresswoman Ross is the lead champion of Documented Dreamers in the House of Representatives. She introduced the bipartisan, bicameral America’s CHILDREN Act to protect Documented Dreamers. In 2022, her provision to protect Documented Dreamers from aging out of the system passed the House as part of the NDAA.

Congresswoman Ross has long supported comprehensively reforming our broken immigration system. In addition to investing in effective border security, she supports immigration laws and policies that keep families together and meet our nation’s economic needs.