WCNC by Trisha Woodard WASHINGTON D.C., DC — The proposed legislation known as the America’s Children Act has been reintroduced in Congress.

The goal is to protect documented dreamers or people who were brought into the United States legally as children from losing protection when they turn 21.

"My life feels like a ticking time bomb," Joshua Gregersen, a documented dreamer, said. 

Gregersen said in less than 30 days his big sister will have to self-deport, and as he inches closer to 21 the more he thinks about leaving behind everything he’s ever known. 

"I don’t know what I'm going to do if that happens," Gregersen said. 

The issues prompted lawmakers like North Carolina Congresswoman Deborah Ross to sponsor the “America’s Children's Act.” 

"It used to be that it was very easy for them to get separate visas but because of our broken immigration system and backlogs, we have 21-year-olds who have lived in this country and then have to self-deport and separate themselves from their families," Ross said.  "Why would we make this many investments in them and their education and then send them to our competitors."

You can stream WCNC Charlotte on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, just download the free app. Data shows there are more than 250,000 documented dreamers in the U.S. right now, with many of them pursuing careers in STEM.

"About 90% of documented dreamers are in a STEM field, it would add 30 billion dollars annually," Sashank Sabbineni, a supporter of the new bill, said. 

He said this is an opportunity to retain more highly-skilled workers and keep families together.