Tonight, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) released the following statement after Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of their extreme 12-week abortion ban:

“Republicans have betrayed the people of North Carolina. In the two weeks since Republican leaders announced a backroom deal to pass a radical abortion ban, North Carolinians have organized, protested, and demonstrated. They made one thing abundantly clear – the people of our state do not support this dangerous effort to restrict our rights and our health care.

“Make no mistake: women will suffer and doctors will be criminalized because of this legislation. Our state will be forced to turn away women traveling from across the South to receive the health care they need. This legislation is shameful and backward, and Republicans are lying about the widespread harm it will cause. But this fight isn’t over. Republicans will feel the ramifications of this abortion ban at the ballot box.”