Washington, D.C. – Today in the House Rules Committee, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) spoke in support of the Women’s Health Protection Act, federal legislation that will protect the right to access abortion care. This legislation is expected to be on the House floor this week.

Congresswoman Ross said in her remarks, “I also want to highlight a discrepancy between the rhetoric and policy of opponents of reproductive freedom. These opponents claim to be pro-life, to be working to protect families and babies, but almost always, these are the same people who oppose Medicaid expansion – we see that in Texas and we see that in my state of North Carolina…Prenatal care is one of the many critical forms of health care that Medicaid covers.

“Medicaid also provides postpartum care coverage to new mothers, and the American Rescue Plan gave states the option to extend that coverage from 60 days to 12 months… If you want to protect babies, particularly in a state like Texas, it’s simply hypocritical to claim to be pro-life, to support the draconian Texas abortion ban, while simultaneously opposing Medicaid expansion.”

To listen to Rep. Ross’ full remarks, click here.

Ross has been a vocal opponent of  Texas’ unconstitutional abortion ban and previously applauded the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) lawsuit to block the ban.