Watch Rep. Ross’s remark’s, here

Washington, D.C. – On Friday in the House Rules Committee, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) highlighted the need to pass the American Rescue Plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and provide assistance to struggling North Carolinians. Specifically, she cited that North Carolina could receive more than $2 billion for health care over the next two years under a provision in the bill to encourage states to expand Medicaid. The legislation also includes measures to help lower health care premiums for middle class families and individuals.

Congresswoman Ross said, “This bill is urgently needed to get North Carolinians affected by the coronavirus back on their feet. And to specifically help our state, one of the few that has not yet expanded Medicaid, the legislation will increase federal coverage from 90 percent to 95 percent for the expansion groups for two years. At a time when North Carolina is grappling with a deadly pandemic, expanding coverage has never been more important and passing this bill will enable more North Carolinians to access life-saving care.”

The American Rescue Plan includes a provision meant to provide an added incentive for states to expand coverage. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, if the 14 remaining states, including North Carolina, choose to expand, at least four million additional uninsured adults would become eligible for Medicaid coverage. Of these, nearly 60 percent are people of color. Additionally, the House proposal would lower marketplace premium payments for those above 400 percent of the poverty level in all states. 

The House passed the package on Saturday and the Senate is considering the bill now.